Flowers & Plants (Hand Embroidery)

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Flower #4

Flower #5

Flower #6

Flower Accents

Flower and Butterfly

Flower and Butterfly Motifs

Flower Babies

Flower Basket

Flower Baskets and Pot c1920-30

Flower Border

Flower Border c1930

Flower Cart

Flower Design

Flower Design

Flower Garden Quilt

Flower Garden Quilt 03 - The Tulip

Flower Garden Quilt 04 - The Iris

Flower Garden Quilt 05 - The Nasturtium

Flower Garden Quilt 15 - The Tiger Lily

Flower Garden Quilt 16 - The Cosmos

Flower Garden Quilt 17 - The Water Lily

Flower Garden Quilt 18 - The Hollyhock

Flower Garden Quilt 19 - The Geranium

Flower Garden Quilt 20 - The Delphinium

Flower Garden Quilt 22 - The Petunia

Flower Garden Quilt 23 - The Zinnia

Flower Garden Quilt 25 - The Pansy

Flower Hearts

Flower Holder

Flower in Pot

Flower Ornament

Roses Embroidery Transfer Patterns

Roses or Poppies

Round Floral Centre

Round of Roses

Sakura Cherry Blossom

Satin Floral Embroidery

Saturday - Daffodil

Scotch Thistle

Semco Transfer Booklet 11 Lazy Daisy Designs for Baby Wear c1940

Semco Transfer Booklet No 6 Medium Sprays c1940

Shamrock Bouquet

Shy Flower

Silk Shading Sampler

Simple Bouquets

Simple Daisy Wreath

Simple Floral Design

Simple Flower

Simple Lily

Simple Posies

Simple Rose

Simple Stylized Flower

Single Flower

Single Leaf

Single Lily

Small Floral Motifs c1930

Snowballs (Raised Embroidery)


Some Flowers

Some Leaves

Some Trees

South African Flowers

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