People (Hand Embroidery)

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15 People, Various Designs

7 Little Indians DOW

A Little Curtsy Goes a Long Way

Alarmed Flower Girl

Alice Brooks Girl

All the Popular Girls Have Tomato Escorts

Allemande Left


American Settlers

Another Sweetie Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue

Antique Victorian

Apple Tree Harvest

April's Showers


Asian Dude

Baby Girl

Baby in Cabbage

Baby on Stick Horse

Back to School Kiddos

Barber Shop Quartet

Belle Boudoir Pillow

Belle Corner Motif 1

Belle Corner Motif 2

Belle in Garden with Butterfly

Belle Watering Flowers

Belle with Basket of Flowers

Belle with Bouquet

Belle with Flowered Dress

Belle with Large Daisy Border

Belle with Morning Glories

Belle with Parasol & Violets

Belle with Wild Roses

Belles with Flower Garlands

Blowing Bubble

Blowing Bubbles

Bo Peep and Boy Blue

Bon Appettit

Bonnet Gal Days Of The Week


Boy & Girl Playing With Balloons

Boy and His Horse

Boy in Circular Frame

Boy With Dog Mouse

Boy With Dog on Leash

Boy With Dog, Girl With Skates

Boy with Smiling Fork

Boy with Smiling Plate

Boy with Smiling Wine Glass


Bride and Groom

Bride DOW Friday

Bride DOW Monday

Bride DOW Saturday

Bride DOW Sunday

Bride DOW Tea Towels (Friday)

Bride DOW Tea Towels (Monday)

Bride DOW Tea Towels (Saturday)

Bride DOW Tea Towels (Sunday)

Bride DOW Tea Towels (Thursday)

Bride DOW Tea Towels (Tuesday)

Bride DOW Tea Towels (Wednesday)

Bride DOW Thursday

Bride DOW Tuesday

Bride DOW Wednesday

Buffalo Dance

Card People

Card People

Card Person

Card Person

Card Person

Card Person

Chef & Maid

Chinese Ladies

Chinese Lady

Chinese Lady

Chinese Lady and Child

Chinese Lady and Gentleman

Choir Boy

Ciao Bella

Colonial Girl with Crocheted Skirt

Colonial Lady with Butterfly

Colonial Woman

Colonial Woman Gardener


Country Girl Baking

Country Girl Digging

Couple Dancing

Couple Dancing

Couple Dancing

Couples (People, Animals, Etc.) (Many Designs)

Coutry Folk

Crinoline Lady #1

Crinoline Lady #2

Crinoline Lady #3

Crinoline Lady 1

Cross Stitch Kids Playing

Cute Hobby Horse Boy

Cute Kids

Cute Kids

Cute Princess Girl


Darling Dutch Couple DOW

Domestic Ninja DOW Friday

Domestic Ninja DOW Monday

Domestic Ninja DOW Saturday

Domestic Ninja DOW Sunday

Domestic Ninja DOW Thursday

Domestic Ninja DOW Tuesday

Domestic Ninja DOW Wednesday

DOW Friday - Gretchen Cooking

DOW Mammy Friday

DOW Mammy Monday

DOW Mammy Saturday

DOW Mammy Sunday

DOW Mammy Thursday

DOW Mammy Tuesday

DOW Mammy Wednesday

DOW Monday - Gretchen Washing

DOW Saturday - Gretchen Cleaning

DOW Sunday - Gretchen Resting

DOW Thursday - Gretchen Shopping

DOW Tuesday - Gretchen Ironing

DOW Wednesday - Gretchen Mending

Duster Bag Girl with Daisy

Dutch Boy & Girl

Dutch Boy and Girl

Dutch Breakfasttime

Dutch Days of the Week

Dutch Dinnertime

Dutch Girl

Dutch Girl

Dutch Girl and Motifs from Weldon's Ladies Journal, April 1938

Dutch Girl Days of the Week

Dutch Girl Holding Pots

Dutch Girl with Flowers

Dutch Guy

Dutch Guy

Dutch Kids

Dutch Kids

Dutch Kids

Dutch Kids and Ducks

Dutch Kids and Ducks

Dutch Lunchoentime

Dutch People

Dutch People (Many Designs)

Dutch People Carrying Buckets

Dutch People Carrying Buckets

Dutch People Lineup

Elderly Couple DOW Friday

Elderly Couple DOW Monday

Elderly Couple DOW Saturday

Elderly Couple DOW Sunday

Elderly Couple DOW Thursday

Elderly Couple DOW Tuesday

Elderly Couple DOW Wednesday

Elegant Lady



Farm Boy

Farm Girl

Farm Girl

Farm Girl Sue with Baby Chicks

Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue and Farm Boy Overall Sam

Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam

Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam Saying Their Prayers

Farm Girls Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah, Counting Eggs

February Valentine Maiden

Feed the Birds



Fife and Drum With the Girlfriends

Figure DOW Friday

Figure DOW Monday

Figure DOW Saturday

Figure DOW Sunday

Figure DOW Thursday

Figure DOW Tuesday

Figure DOW Wednesday

Flapper Potholders

Flapper Tennis Player

Flapper with Headdress

Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Flower Pot Girl

Fox Hunt

Garden Boy

Gay "South of the Border" Motifs

Gentleman Heart

George Lassos the Moon

George Lassos the Moon





Girl 1

Girl 2

Girl 3

Girl 4

Girl 5

Girl 6

Girl Against Patterned Background

Girl and Arbor

Girl and Cow

Girl and Dog

Girl at Garden Gate

Girl Balancing Fruit

Girl Carrying Fruit on Head

Girl Carrying Jug

Girl Coming Home From the Market

Girl Cooking

Girl in Bonnet

Girl in Bonnet

Girl in Cameo

Girl in Circular Frame

Girl in Circular Frame

Girl in Circular Frame

Girl in Circular Frame

Girl in Circular Frame

Girl in Fancy Bonnet Hat

Girl In Fancy Dress

Girl In Fancy Dress

Girl In Fancy Dress

Girl In Fancy Dress

Girl in Fancy Dress

Girl In Fancy Dress With Parasol

Girl in Floral Peacock Dress

Girl in Oblong Frame

Girl in Sunbonnet

Girl in Sunbonnet

Girl in Sunbonnet Cutting Flowers

Girl in Sunbonnet Raking

Girl in Sunbonnet With Cat

Girl or Boy

Girl Picking Apples

Girl Playing Tennis

Girl Reading

Girl Sewing

Girl Sewing

Girl Shopping

Girl Stitching

Girl Walking With Vegetables

Girl Watering Flowers

Girl With A Rake

Girl With Fruit Basket on Her Head

Girl With Parasol

Girl with Sleeping Spoon

Girl with Smiling Teacup

Girl With Veggie Escorts

Girl with Winking Wine Glass

Girls & Boys (Many Designs)

Girls in Sunbonnets

Girls in Sunbonnets Gathering Flowers

Girls Nervously Glancing

Goldilocks and Post-Porridge Madness

Good Cook

Good Night Girls


Grasshopper, Kids and Duck



Happy Peasants



His & Hers Crinoline Ladies Pllow Cases

Holly Hobby-Esque

Housewife with Clean Linens

Housewife with Guest Towel

Housewife with Pillowcase

Housewife with Welcome Mat


Identical Girls with Sunbonnets

In the Secret Magic Garden with Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue…


Indian and Horse

Indian Brave

Indian Mother & Child

Indian Woman

Jack & Jill

Jack be Nimble

Jitterbug Dancers

Jungle Girl

Jungle Girl With Text



Kid Cuties


Kids in Haystack

Kids on a Swing

Lady DOW Sunday

Lady DOW Thursday

Lady DOW Tuesday

Lady DOW Wednesday

Lady Drawing Water

Lady Hauling Laundry

Lady Heart

Lady Holding Flowers

Lady Holding Flowers

Lady In Flower Dress

Lady in Profile with Bonnet

Lady In Ribbon Frame

Lady Living In a Shoe

Lady on a Hilltop

Lady on a Swing

Lady On Bicycle

Lady Reading in the Garden - Weldon's Transfer 23901, September 1950

Lady Singing

Lady With Basket of Flowers

Lady With Sunflowers

Lady With Wasp Waist

Lady's Head In a Sunflower


+ Lazy Day Sunbonnet

Let's Play Indians

Little Boy

Little Boy and Girl

Little Boy and Sailboat

Little Boy Carrying Candle

Little Cowboy

Little Dutch Girl