Hearts & Love (Machine Embroidery)

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2 Heart Ornament

2 Hearts

2 Hearts

+ 2 Heartshaped Hands and Baby's Feet

+ 20 Jahre Verheiratet

+ 25 Jahre Verheiratet

+ 25 Jahre Verliebt

3 Hearts on a String

+ 30 Jahre Verheiratet

+ 30 Jahre Verliebt

+ 4 Hearts for Hair Clips or ?

+ 40 Jahre Verheiratet

+ 40 Jahre Verliebt

+ 4x4 Ric Rac Applique Heart

5 Hearts and 5 Flowers

+ 50 Jahre Verheiratet

+ 50 Jahre Verliebt

+ 60 Jahre Verheiratet

+ A Child Is - Hearts

American Heart

+ American Heart

+ Amore

+ Applique Heart

+ Applique Heart Outline Stitch

Arrow Through the Heart

+ Battenberg Heart Bookmark

+ Battenberg Lace Heart

+ Battenberg Mini Heart

Be MIne

Be MIne

Be Mine

+ Be My Valentine

Beating Heart

+ Beating Heart

Beats For You

Bee Mine

+ Birds With Red Hearts

+ Blanco

+ Bleeding Heart

Bow & Heart

+ Boyheart

+ Broken Heart

+ Broken Hearts

+ Buble Heart

+ Burning Heart

+ Butterfly

+ Butterfly Heart

Candy Heart

Car Behind Heart

Cat Heart

Cat Love

Cat Romance

Chenille Heart

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Heart

+ Circle Heart

+ Colored heart

Corner With Hearts on Sticks

Courting Mice

+ Cross Stitched Hanging Heart

Cross-Stitch Style Hearts



Cupid Corner

Cupid Girl

Cupid Scores!

Curly Heart

Curly-Cue Heart (Scroll Down)

+ Cute Heart

Cute Heart Design

Cute Heart Ornament

Cute Hearts

Deco Heart Applique Frame 3 Sizes

Digital Love 3.73 x 3.85in (95 x 98mm)

Digital Love 4.87 x 4.99in (124 x 127mm)

+ Double Heart

+ Dreamheart

Dreams of Heart

Ellisimo Rose Heart Frame

Email Me

+ Embossed Heart Ti Amo

Feathered Heart

+ Filet Crochet Love

Floral Bullion Heart (Scroll Down)

+ Floral Heart Frame

Floral Heart Freebie

Floral Heart Wreath

Flower With Heart Leaves

Flower with Hearts

Flowers and Hearts

Flowers and Hearts

Flowers and Hearts

Flowers and Hearts and Bow

Fly Hearts

Fly Hearts

Fly Hearts

Fly Hearts Design

For Your Love

Forever Hearts

+ Fran heart

Friendly Heart

Fringed Heart (Scroll Down)

From the Heart

Girl's Patch

+ Girlheart

Good Heart

Happy Day with Heart

+ Happy Valentine's

+ Hart In Circle

+ Hart With Wings

+ Have A Heart










+ Heart


+ Heart








+ Heart - Blank

+ Heart - Carolyn

+ Heart - Naomi

+ Heart - Rick & Diane

+ Heart - Victor & Cloey

Heart 10

+ Heart Alphabet

+ Heart Alphabet

+ Heart Alphabet A

+ Heart Alphabet C

+ Heart Alphabet D

+ Heart Alphabet E

+ Heart Alphabet F

+ Heart Alphabet F

+ Heart Alphabet F

+ Heart Alphabet I

+ Heart Alphabet K

+ Heart Alphabet L

+ Heart Alphabet M

+ Heart Alphabet O

+ Heart Alphabet P

+ Heart Alphabet Q

+ Heart Alphabet R

+ Heart Alphabet S

+ Heart Alphabet T

+ Heart Alphabet T

+ Heart Alphabet U

+ Heart Alphabet V

+ Heart Alphabet W

+ Heart Alphabet X

+ Heart Alphabet Y

Heart and Birds

Heart and Birds

Heart and Bow

Heart and Children

Heart and Children

+ Heart and Heart

+ Heart and Heart

+ Heart Balloons

+ Heart Birdhouse

Heart Bookmarks (Scroll Down)

+ Heart Bracelet

+ Heart By Heart

Heart Coasters

+ Heart Cross

Heart Decoration

+ Heart Design

Heart Designs

Heart Direction

+ Heart Dog

+ Heart Fairy

Heart Figure

Heart Flies

+ Heart Flower

+ Heart Flower

Heart Flower

+ Heart Frame With Hearts

+ Heart Gift

+ Heart In Handprints

+ Heart Kitty Aplique

Heart Leaves

+ Heart Mini Set

+ Heart Minis

+ Heart Minis

+ Heart of Gold

Heart of Hearts

+ Heart of Hearts

Heart of More Hearts

Heart Ornament

Heart Overlay

+ Heart Red / Pink

+ Heart shaped light bulb

+ Heart Shoe Topper

Heart Swag, Large Heart

+ Heart Teddy

+ Heart Virginia

Heart w/Buttonhole Border

Heart With Bow

Heart with Bullion Stitch Roses

+ Heart with Butterfly

+ Heart with Flowers

Heart With Fringe

+ Heart With Star Outline

+ Heart With Stars

+ Heart With Swirls

Heart With Wings

Heart-Like Design

+ Heartcorner

+ Heartcorner







+ Hearts





+ Hearts

+ Hearts


+ Hearts


+ Hearts

Hearts & Arrow

Hearts & Flowers (1)

Hearts & Flowers Applique Set

Hearts (Scroll Down)

+ Hearts and Cupid

Hearts and Flowers

Hearts Around Hearts

Hearts Border

+ Hearts Embroidery

+ Hearts in Heart

+ Hearts in Heart

+ Hearts in Heart A

+ Hearts in Heart C

+ Hearts in Heart d

+ Hearts in Heart E

+ Hearts in Heart f

+ Hearts in Heart g

+ Hearts in Heart H

+ Hearts in Heart I

+ Hearts in Heart J

+ Hearts in Heart K

+ Hearts in Heart L

+ Hearts in Heart M

+ Hearts in Heart N

+ Hearts in Heart O

+ Hearts in Heart P

+ Hearts in Heart Q

+ Hearts in Heart R

+ Hearts in Heart S

+ Hearts in Heart t

+ Hearts in Heart T

+ Hearts in Heart T

+ Hearts in Heart U

+ Hearts in Heart V

+ Hearts in Heart W

+ Hearts in Heart W

+ Hearts in Heart W

+ Hearts in Heart X

+ Hearts in Heart X

+ Hearts in Heart y

+ Hearts in Heart Z

+ Hearts in Hearts B

+ Hearts in Love

+ Hearts Kitty

Hearts Surrounded By Flowers

Hearts With Flower

Heirloom Heart

+ Hell Hello Kitty

+ Hers

+ Herz

+ Herz 2

+ Herz an Herz

+ Herz an Herz

+ Herz auf Wunsch

+ Herzen


Hot Heart

Hot Hearts With Flowers

Hugs & Kisses

+ I Heart My Grandma

+ I Heart My Poppy

I Love

I Love You

+ I Love You

I Love You

I Love You International

+ Impronta Cuore

+ Impronta Cuore - Piccola

In-the-Hoop Heart Pop Wrappers

Interlaced Hearts

Interlaced Hearts

+ It's Love

Joined Hearts

Joined Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Design

+ Kiss

+ Kissing

Kissing Cherubs

+ Kitty Heart Motif

Kitty Love

Leaves & Flowers Heart (Scroll Down)


Line Art Heart

+ Lion & Heart

+ Little Hearts

+ Lock Heart

+ Lost Heart



+ Love

+ Love

Love (Heart & Rose)

Love Bear

Love Bears

Love Birds

Love Cat

Love Dino

Love Farm Animal

Love Heart

+ Love Heart

+ Love Heart

+ Love Heart 2

Love Hearts

Love Hearts

Love Hearts

+ Love Hurts

Love is Blind Lovers Can Not See

Love is Forever

Love Is Forever

Love Nest

Love Notes

Love Potion

Love Seeds Love Seeds

Love Sign

Love Tag

+ Love U Heart

Love Ya

Love You

+ Love2

Lovely Birds

Lovely Hearts

Lovely Hearts

Lovely Hearts

+ Lovers Heart

+ Lovers Hearts

Lovey Dovey

Luv U Cat

Mod Heart Circle

+ Moineaux Coeur

+ Moineaux Coeur

+ Moments

+ Monster Love

+ Motherday

+ Motherday

+ Mothers Day Heart

+ Mothersday Hearts

Mouse With Heart (Scroll Down)

+ Muttertag

+ My Heart


Nice Heart

Offset Hearts


Patched Heart

Pet Love

Picnic Ants

Plaid Heart

+ Present Heart

+ Prim Star and Heart

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

+ Red Heart Ornament

+ Ribbon Heart Border

Ribboned Heart (Scroll Down)

+ Ripple Heart

+ Ripple Ruffled Heart

Rose Heart

+ Scorpio

+ Scrabled Heart

Scribbled Heart

Single Heart

Sketched Hearts

Sketched Hearts

+ Snowflake Heart

+ Spring Heart

Sweet Floral Design 91

Sweet Heart

+ Sweet Heart

+ Sweet Love Home

+ Sweetheart

Teddy Bear With Hearts

+ The Heart in my Hand

The Heart That Loves Is Always…

+ Tiny Hearts Border

+ Tiny Hearts Frame

+ Tiny Hearts Frame

Twin Hearts

+ Twin Hearts


Two Hearts

Two Hearts

+ Two Herarts

Up-Side-Down Heart Ornament


+ Valentine

+ Valentine Heart #1

+ Valentine Heart Mini

+ Valentine Heart With Roses

Valentine Hearts

+ Valentine Hearts

+ Valentine Lace

+ Valentine Love Heart

Vibrant Hearts

Wing Needle Heart

+ Wings Heart

+ With Love

With Love Lettering

With Love Lettering

+ Word Love

+ Word Love


Young Love

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