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16th Century Samplers: Blackwork

* 3 Little Repeatables

A Circle of Seasons

ABC 123 ATC Blackwork

Acorn Border

Aquarius Zodiac Blackwork

Aries Zodiac Blackwork


Autumn Blackwork

Baa Baa Blackwork Sheep

Bibliophile Blackwork Bookmark

Biscorn Blackwork


Blackwork (Scroll to Bottom)

Blackwork 8-Point Star

Blackwork Biscofleur

Blackwork Biscornu

Blackwork Biscornu

Blackwork Biscornu

+ Blackwork Biscornu

+ Blackwork Biscornu

+ Blackwork Biscornu

* Blackwork Bookmark

* Blackwork Bookmark

Blackwork Bookmark

Blackwork Bookmark & Square

* Blackwork Bookmarks

Blackwork Borders 1-13

Blackwork Borders 14-18

Blackwork Borders 19-23

Blackwork Borders 24-30

Blackwork Borders 31-35

Blackwork Borders 36-40

* Blackwork Bulldogs

Blackwork Carnations

Blackwork Carnations

* Blackwork Cats

* Blackwork Challenge I

* Blackwork Challenge II

Blackwork Charts

Blackwork Designs

* Blackwork Dogs

Blackwork Egg

Blackwork Embroidery Shading Techniques (Pears)

Blackwork Fill

Blackwork Fill-in Patterns

* Blackwork Floral

* Blackwork Floral Corner Bookmark

Blackwork Heart Sachet

Blackwork In Blue

* Blackwork Irma Crosses

Blackwork Mail Art

Blackwork Motif

Blackwork Motif

Blackwork Motif #2

Blackwork Owl

Blackwork Pattern

Blackwork Plain Fillings 1-5

Blackwork Plain Fillings 125-33

Blackwork Plain Fillings 14-24

Blackwork Plain Fillings 34-39

Blackwork Plain Fillings 40-47

Blackwork Plain Fillings 48-55

Blackwork Plain Fillings 56-58

Blackwork Plain Fillings 59-62

Blackwork Plain Fillings 6-13

Blackwork Plain Fillings 63-67

Blackwork Pumpkin

* Blackwork Reversible Panel

Blackwork Rose Biscornu 1

Blackwork Rose Biscornu 1

Blackwork Sampler

Blackwork Sampler

Blackwork Sampler - Part 2

Blackwork Smalls

Blackwork Smalls

Blackwork Snowflake

Blackwork Snowflake

Blackwork Snowflake

Blackwork Snowflake

Blackwork Style Victorian House

Blackwork Tulips

Blackwork Tulips

Blackwork Wedding Sampler

* Bluebell



* Cancer Awareness Blackwork

* Cancer Awareness Blackwork

Capricorn Zodiac Blackwork

Celtic Blackwork Bookmark

Christmas Tree

* Christmas Wishes



* Crazy

Dancing Diamonds Blackwork

* Design 2

* Design 3

* Design 5

* Design 6

Easter Egg In Blackwork

Elephant (Scroll Down)

Filling Patterns

Floral Borders

Flowers & Fruit

Four Seasons Blackwork Band Sampler

Garden Blackwork




Je Suis Prest Blackwork Bookmark

Kincavel Krosses Blackwork

Lace Patterns

Leaf Borders

Learn the Art of Blackwork

Little Blackwork Motifs

Maple Leaf Blackwork Pattern One | Pattern Two

* Merry Christmas

Miniature Autumn Blackwork Band Sampler

Miniature Spring Blackwork Band Sampler

Miniature Summer Blackwork Band Sampler

Miniature Winter Blackwork Band Sampler

More Roses

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Pink Hearts, Blackwork Style

Pisces Zodiac Blackwork

Plaiting-Work Designs 1-18

Plaiting-Work Designs 107-109

Plaiting-Work Designs 110-119

Plaiting-Work Designs 120-127

Plaiting-Work Designs 128-130

Plaiting-Work Designs 19-34

Plaiting-Work Designs 35-47

Plaiting-Work Designs 48-62

Plaiting-Work Designs 63-73

Plaiting-Work Designs 74-79

Plaiting-Work Designs 80-87

Plaiting-Work Designs 88-94

Plaiting-Work Designs 95-106


Sagittarius Zodiac Blackwork

Sampler Blackwork Patchwork

Spring Blackwork

Starburst Blackwork Biscornu


Summer Blackwork

Taurus Zodiac Blackwork

Three Spring Borders

Valentine Blackwork

Various Blackwork Patterns

Windblown Variations

Winter Blackwork

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