Double Running Stitch

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Band With Flowers in Octagons

Bird and Branch Pattern

Bird and Branch Pattern

Bird and Branch Pattern With Cats

Border (Possibly For the Bird and Branch Pattern)

Branch Pattern

Double Band With Inscription and Openwork

Garment Fragment With Stars in Square

Lebanese Bird and Branch Pattern

Linen Fragment With Red Silk Trellis Pattern, Blue Borders and Separator Li

Narrow Band of Lions

Narrow Band With Lozenge-Derived Patterns

Red and Blue Striped Band

Reversing Crosses

Small Bird and Branch Pattern

Stacked Bands of Crosses in Triangles

Two Narrow Patterns From a Doll's Robe

Very Wide Diagonal Band With Bird and Branch Border

Wide Band With Pinwheels and Diamonds

Wide Star and Lozenge Band With Cut and Drawn Thread Work

Zigzagging Crosses

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